About Our 'Ice Cream'

The bottom line is…we love ice cream!  When we discovered that there are limited animal friendly choices as well as options for those with dietary restrictions, we decided to create a treat that is healthy, deliciously creamy and guilt free.

So…We just went ahead and developed a frozen dessert that contains no added sugar, is dairy free and absolutely delicious! We are also proud to supply South Africa’s first yellow pea protein dairy free ice cream! Our protein powder is a French, water soaked yellow pea protein isolate which is entirely gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. Yellow peas supply a unique array of amino acids, the building blocks of body tissue, muscles, DNA/RNA, hormones, enzymes that help your body function normally, and even your immune system!  Being rich in lysine and arginine, pea protein is especially beneficial for active lifestyles.

Everyone deserves some kind of bliss in their lives and Phat Fox delivers just that.

Happiness is...


Our ingredients consist of the very best quality available to us and we source as many organic and local products from suppliers as possible.

Our ice cream base consists of coconut and we use xylitol* to sweeten things up. We don’t add any preservatives or additives!

Our Pea protein is a clean protein. It contains no dairy, is gluten free and soy free.

*Please note that even though xylitol is a healthier sugar alternative for humans, food containing xylitol should not be fed to dogs!

Flavours & Tub Sizes:


  • SALTED CARAMEL – no xylitol in this flavour, we use dates

Vanilla, Chocolate & Peanut Butter also available with a Pea Protein boost at a additional cost.

Seasonal Flavour: Lemon Curd – Check our Facebook page for more info.

Tub sizes: 125ml, 500ml and 1L

Get In Touch

To place an order or to find out more about our product, fill out the contact form or email us at info@phatfox.co.za.
If you would like to chat to us, give us a ring:

Tam: 082 545 2695   |  Angela: 082 455 4233

We also cater for special events. Get in touch and we will come up with a custom ice-cream solution for you. 

Where to find Phat Fox

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Type of Enquiry:  

Purchase any one of our 125ml tubs with the brown lid and stand a chance to win a 500ml tub of one of our regular flavours. Simply check under the lid to see if you’ve found the fox, take a pic and post it to our FB page with your promo code and we’ll be in touch regarding delivery. Promotion only available at selected outlets. Delivery of 500ml tub in greater Cape Town area only.

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